Facebook was being annoying—apparently, I couldn’t use my name as the address of my page because it claimed that someone else already had it. And it was counting all the variants—adding periods, underscores, etc.—as basically the same thing.

A little incensed, I promptly typed in the address I was trying to claim to figure out who had it. Apparently, I did, on my personal page. Well, that was a little short-sighted of me. In my defense, I hadn’t expected to be creating an author page back when I’d made my account. Oh well.

I returned to the page creation site and started racking my brains for a new web address. Then I started browsing, because the Internet is addictive and I needed ideas. There was a ton of very inventive names out there. Eventually, though, I stumbled upon a site that actually explained why they chose the address that they did—and they went with the “best advice they ever received” route.

Hmm. What was the best advice I ever received?—that wasn’t immediately followed by the words “Are you crazy?”

That was a tough one. I thought back to all the excellent writing advice I’d received. Wonderful suggestions: like always make an outline, never write when you’re tired, proofread your work at least three times before you submit it, expect to make multiple drafts…even use the home row method to type; all standards of the writing industry. At least, that’s what I was told by folks who (I assume) know what they’re doing.

I couldn’t use any of those. I never followed any of them, even in college. (Heck, I’m not even following them as I type this up!) However, I do remember what I was repeatedly informed whenever anyone found out my process (or lack thereof).

“That’s the wrong way to write!”

Well…they’re probably correct.

Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with @wrongwaytowrite.

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