Timeline Update

GAH, I’ve been trying to write this for, like, five days!

One of those weeks, I guess…writers, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the kind of week where you know exactly what you want to say–right up to the point where you sit down at the computer, and then you completely forget what words are. Then (if you’re like me anyway), you start slamming your head into your keyboard in frustration. And probably break something. Hopefully not your keyboard.

Hey, keyboard replacement is a pain, especially if you’re on a laptop!

Okay, whining is over. Now, to business. Some of you may remember me posting this picture on various social media sites:


Well, that whole timeline got shot to smithereens. My “real” life got in the way–and by real life, I mean I had several brilliant ideas directly related to these projects and one insane idea completely unrelated to writing in general. Let’s start with the project-related stuff…

Due to the abundance of requests, I’m planning on releasing Deadman Switch in paperback as kind of a prep thing for the launch of Ordinary Days, Extraordinary Time. Made sense to me, since the two books take place in the same universe. Now, ODET has some timeline issues that need fixing, so I need to hit the editing there in a big way before shipping it off to my executive editor (no reason to make her work harder than she has to, amirite?). I’m about halfway through the formatting bull$#!+ for Deadman Switch–books are a whole different ballgame than ebooks, apparently, and Microsoft Word does NOT play nice with formatting in general–so I would estimate that the Deadman Switch paperback version should come out around late February/early March. Note: this is subject to change, since my sister’s birthday is also coming up and I’m still trying to find a present for her. (I know she doesn’t read anything I write, so I feel safe admitting that.) If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share!

With all that going on, I’ll probably have to move the release of ODET back to mid-to-late spring, if I had to guess. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully, I can get it released before June!

Now, the BH Trilogy? Despite the several amazing plot developments I came up with, I’m kicking that clear back to…I dunno, October. Why, you might ask? Quit being so nosy! I might reply.

But isn’t the whole point of this update to inform your loyal readers about your plans? you might point out.

Of course, I might admit. I’m just being contrary. Also, I’m trying to hide my plans from the other voices in my head. 

News flash, I am one of the voices, you’d probably say.

Dang it, I should have guessed, I’d grumble.

Okay, enough internal dialogue (the voice has an excellent point). The reason is that I do have a life outside of writing–quit laughing!!!–okay, I have a bunch of other jobs outside of writing, and I’m planning on advancing in both. I’m going to be testing for my third-degree black belt in June, and I’ll be going for my Professional Engineering license this April. Fun fact about the PE license: it requires me to take an 8-hour long test that will assess my aptitude with engineering principles. That part is gonna suck. Anyway, because of those two tests (and the amount of studying required for those two tests), my writing progression abilities will be severely limited. And then after the tests, my brain will resemble a large bag of mush, both metaphorically and probably physically (good thing I scheduled the test possibly involving blunt-force trauma after the test that won’t), so I’ll need a few months of recovery time. Probably out on my boat. MAN, I love that thing. CAN’T WAIT FOR SUMMER–I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS WINTER BALONEY.

Anyway, that pretty much wraps up everything. TL;DR, I’m shoving everything back and adding a paperback release of Deadman Switch. Oh, and I might even do an autograph if you ask nicely. Hang onto those…they might be worth money someday…

…okay, probably not, but it’s funny to think about.

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