October Update

Fun fact: this post has been sitting in draft form since JUNE. Yep. June. That’s how nuts things got around here.

You may have noticed that someone hasn’t been doing much of anything recently, at least in the writing world. My apologies. Ever since February and my last timeline update, things really kicked into gear around here. I spent most of this spring studying for my professional engineering license exam (which, thanks be to God, I passed on my first try…that’s eight hours I would not want to relive) and looking for a house. I passed the exam and moved within a month of each other; that, coupled with the joys of navigating the whole licensing process, ate my free time like a blue whale at a krill convention.

Oh, and in June I tested for my third degree black belt. And passed. I think I’m going to make Mark Switch a third degree black belt now, too. It’s not like I’m projecting or anything…

I was thinking stuff would calm back down in July and August. News flash: I was wrong. I spent most of my free time out at my folks’ farm helping them with projects. I did manage to do a little writing, but my project got side-tracked by research: specifically, I did not know how to drive a motorcycle, and I wanted a motorcycle chase scene. Since I was driving around so much and burning so much gas anyway, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and just buy a bike. Specifically, a Kawasaki Ninja. I then taught myself how to ride it, leading me to question both the Minnesota DMV’s criteria for testing and my own sanity. Now I’m addicted to motorcycles. Don’t tell Ma.

The GREAT news is: I finally got my manuscript for ODET (Ordinary Days, Extraordinary Time) back from my editor in late August. I managed to get that finalized and published (Kindle version) early September! And…oh, gosh, I just remembered I forgot to updated my “Published Works” page! One second–

–okay, I’m back. Someone should have given me a head’s-up. Just saying.

Anyway, September was busy with Taekwondo tournaments after that and trying to prep my house for winter, which has gotten a little backed up since Dad needed wood and my sister is buying a house and the parental unit went on vacation and…well, you get the picture. Basically, I’m making excuses for not writing.

BUT, I’m not just making excuses, I’m making a promise–I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again this November, and for those of you who preferred the “kickass plot” of Deadman Switch to the “more playful/goofy” style of Ordinary Days, Extraordinary Time (I’m not offended–Deadman Switch is a way cooler book in my opinion, too!), I have good news. Mark Switch will be back in my November project, which is code-named BAS for the time being. I can’t give all the details away, but here are some facts about the new book to look forward to (or dread):

-Mark will have a motorcycle. Hey, I didn’t put all that training time in for nothing.

-There will be much “ninja-ing” from Mark…if only because his fight and parkour scenes are so much fun to write.

-The original team (Garcia, Roger, and Takami) will be back!

-I don’t know if anyone from Ordinary Days, Extraordinary Time will be making a cameo. I know for a fact Charlie won’t. He’s not really an adventure type guy. (Man, that was a hard book to write. Ever try to write an adventure novel with a protagonist who tried to actively avoid adventure?)

-Yes, Mannie’s Junkyard will once again be featured. Man, I love that place.

-I have about 70% of the plot line outlined in my head.

-I will again be doing NaNoWriMo daily updates on Instagram/Facebook to keep me honest (and motivated). Might do some on Twitter, too. We’ll see.

-Hey, if you’re doing NaNoWriMo as well, and you do some writing that is decidedly against convention and decide to post about it, hashtag it with #wrongwaytowrite and I’ll give it a like!

See you on the flip side, guys! William Sonnek (author, professional engineer, third-degree black belt, and massive braggart), signing off.

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