Name: William Sonnek

Tagline: Author, engineer, philosopher, and purveyor of random platypus facts. Find me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at @wrongwaytowrite

Born: Uh, I can’t remember…lemme grab my driver’s license…oh, it’s way the heck over there? Never mind. Sometime in the middle of the summer, I think…

Current Age: 24 or 25. If it’s September when you’re reading this, definitely 25.

Death: Hasn’t happened yet. I think.

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Masters: Mechanical Engineering

Graduation: 05/09/15

Dance of Triumph: Embarrassing, I’m sure.

Cause of Death: Dance of Triumph.

Hair Style: Cause of Death.

Most Annoying Trait: Hair style. Just kidding, it’s repeating myself.

Hair Color: Mud. And not the fun mud, either–more like the gross mud.

Eyes: Laser-enhanced.

Height: 6’4″, more or less…and a little more than less.

Foot Size: “Barge.”

Weight: Embarrassingly light.

Celebrity Lookalike: The lamppost from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Top speed: TBD.

Maximum Horsepower: 2 HP, but don’t expect me to sustain that for too long.

Favorite animal: The platypus.

Favorite Vehicle: Oh, gosh…probably the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars. NO. I TAKE THAT BACK. THE IRONMAN SUIT. NO! DRIVING THE MILLENIUM FALCON WITH THE IRONMAN SUIT. NO, WAIT–

Favorite *REAL* Vehicle: Fine, be that way! My 2010 Dodge Dakota.

Favorite Game: Bike Tag. Unless you’re talking about the “video” category, in which case it would be Destiny, followed by Mario Kart. Card game would be Uno.

Rank in Taekwondo: 2nd-Degree Black Belt.

Favorite Drink: Root beer!

Favorite *Alcoholic* Drink: Hard Root Beer.

Addiction: Root beer.

Life Goal: ROOT BEER.

*Reboot in progress*

Life Goal: To take over the world. Or build an Ironman suit. Possibly both.

Favorite Book: The Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn.

First Book Published: Off the Radar, published under my nom de plume of “Radar Midway.” It was a collection of autobiographical short stories, and I didn’t want to be hunted by immediate family members for including them in my memoirs.