What am I up to?

Well, your guess is as good as mine. Who knows what I’ll do next? But, in the interest of generating curiosity about my next novels, here’s a few projects that I’m currently working on…

The Bridgehold Trilogy

Cover art in the conceptual stage

What if science was…basically magic? What would it look like? And, conversely, what would happen if you applied scientific principles to magic?

The Bridgehold Trilogy isn’t even remotely trying to answer those questions. I just slammed science fiction into fantasy to see what would happen. What came out was an interesting dynamic between the folks who use magic and the folks who are technologically intuitive. The protagonists, of course, are standing right in the middle, trying to figure out the best way to convince both sides to a) work together and b) stop throwing fireballs at each other.

Wayward takes life on from a “techie” standpoint. Lost focuses on the magic side. Voidwalker brings the universe together…and, since I haven’t finished that one, I guess it remains to be seen what happens. It’s really anyone’s guess!

Progress: Wayward and Lost are both completed. Voidwalker is about 30-40% done.

Ex Astris, Vita

*Cover art in progress*

I wanted to build a universe in which building an underwater habitat was not just acceptable, but necessary (and possible). Enter Delta One, the future colony planet on which the starship Exastris has crashed…in the middle of an ocean. Out of sixty colonists, five have survived; they must work together, racing against the clock, to scrape together enough resources from the wreckage to survive long enough to send for help.

Progress: about 50% complete.

Time Out: Westward

*Cover art not even started*

This is mostly in the “imagination” phase. Here’s the concept: 20th-century tech on the Oregon Trail. I’ll leave you to imagine how it got there, but I’ll give you a hint: it’s not via time travel.

Also, you’ll never guess.

The title isn’t finalized yet. I’m guessing the final title will be some kind of pun. This one might turn into a series of five books, but I haven’t planned that far ahead yet.

Progress: whiteboard scribbles, circled and underlined with a note that says “THIS IS SO COOL YOU GOTTA DO THIS LIKE NOW.”